“How did we get to here from there?”  waan installation at Art Lot, an outdoor sculpture space in Brooklyn,  April – June 2018.
This work, made on site, was created from wood, sisal rope, paint, aluminum tape, printed vinyl and the cyanotype printing process on wood.

Musing on some of the ways we have become ‘un-moored’ in our political and physical climate, this sculpture installation explores a sense of discord. It is part raft, part scaffold, part shelter, but also none of the above. Is there a safe place or wholeness to return to, or is striving for that in fact part of this generations’ existential crisis? Junctures or connection points are meant as suggestions of support as well as symbolic of decisions made.  Which ways have we gone already and which way are we choosing today? Flags with imagery from a forest long lost, act as markers to warn or to invite. The structure is a continuation of  forms explored in my drawings, collages and prints.